Company name: GMS GOURMET GmbH

Registered office (headquarters): A-1230 Vienna, Oberlaaer Straße 298

Contact details: Postal address:
A-1230 Vienna, Oberlaaer Straße 298
Tel. +43 (0) 50/876-0, Fax DW 5510

VAT no.: ATU 58366128

Company register number: 104525p

Commercial register court: Commercial court Vienna

Business purpose: Manufacture and sale of ready meals, restaurants, cafés, event caterer, provider of other catering services, other beverage serving activities, catering for companies and senior citizens, catering for hospitals, schools and kindergartens

Member of WKO: 
Vienna Economic Chamber
Lower Austria Economic Chamber
Burgenland Economic Chamber
Carinthia Economic Chamber
Upper Austria Economic Chamber
Salzburg Economic Chamber
Styria Economic Chamber
Tyrol Economic Chamber

Professional group/sector:
FG Gastronomie (gastronomy)
FG Kaffeehäuser (cafés)
FG Persönlicher Dienstleister (personal service provider)
FV Nahrungs- und Genussmittelindustrie (food industry)
LG Lebensmittelhandel (food retail)
LG Markt-, Straßen und Wanderhandel (market, street and travelling trade)
LI Lebensmittelgewerbe (catering trade)
LI Mechatroniker (mechatronics engineering)

Applicable legislation: Trade regulations

Supervisory authority: Municipal district office for the 23th  District

Information on online settlement of disputes: Consumers can address complaints to the online dispute resolution platform of the EU: Alternatively, complaints can be addressed directly to us by sending an email to

Managing director: Mag. Johann Pinterits (M.A.), DI Hannes Hasibar, Herbert Fuchs

Shareholding ratios: Gourmet Beteiligungs GmbH 100%

Liability notice
GMS GOURMET GmbH does not accept liability for the content of this website. Even with the most careful research and preparation, no guarantee can be provided for the accuracy, completeness and up-to-dateness of the information posted on this website Any liability for direct, indirect or other damages, regardless of their cause, arising from the use or unavailability of the data and information on this website is excluded to the extent permitted by law.

Copyright notice
The content of this website is protected by copyright. Unless otherwise stated, the copyright of all documents provided on the website (images, illustrations, texts, animations, etc.) and the materials used for them is held exclusively by GMS GOURMET GmbH. Regarding all rights (e.g., property rights, industrial property rights, copyrights), no one is granted a license or any other right. Any utilisation without the consent of GMS GOURMET GmbH is prohibited and punishable by law. This applies in particular to duplication, microfilming, and storage and processing in electronic systems (internet, intranet, CD-ROM, CD-I, etc.). The use of trademarks (brands, logos, etc.), regardless of the presence of a ® or T symbol, is expressly prohibited.

All the above provisions also apply to software that can be directly or indirectly accessed or used from the website of GMS GOURMET GmbH. To the extent that third-party software is accessed through hyperlinks, the provisions of that provider apply and their rights must be respected.

For the sake of readability we do not use gender-specific wording. However, in the interest of equality, both genders are always addressed.

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